An Overview of the Domestic Nuclear Fuel Industry

On October 13, 2016, FNS hosted a luncheon briefing about the domestic nuclear fuel industry. The forum was moderated by Mr. George David Banks, American Council for Capital Formation (ACCP), who provided remarks on both the current state and ways to promote the industry.  The forum also featured a panel of experts from three key stages of the fuel process: Mr. Ben Klein, Uranium Producers of America (UPA) who highlighted the industry’s uranium mining process; Mr. Nikko Collida, ConverDyn, who provided a context of the fuel’s conversion phase; and Mr. Jim Howe, Centrus Energy, who focused on the enrichment process.

George David Banks
Executive Vice President
American Council for Capital Formation

Benjamin Klein
DC Representative
Uranium Producers of America

Nikko Collida
Manager, Commercial & Analysis

Jim Howe
Vice President, Government Relations
Centrus Energy Corp.

Nuclear Fuel Industry Panel

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