An Update on Small Modular Reactors

On March 7, 2014 the Foundation for Nuclear Studies hosted a luncheon briefing on the recent developments behind Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).  Considering both NuScale Power and mPower’s partnerships within the SMR Licensing Technical Support Program, the Foundation featured Darren Gale, Vice President & Project Director at B&W mPower, and Mike McGough, Chief Commercial Officer at NuScale Power, as the event’s key panelists.  Additionally, Rebecca Smith-Kevern, Director, Light Water Reactor Technologies at the Department of Energy, provided opening remarks and served as the forum’s moderator.

During their presentations, each speaker highlighted their organization’s role in the future of SMR development; as well as mentioning several benefits from its technology. As indicated by our panel, SMRs offer the advantage of lower initial capital investment, scalability and siting flexibility at locations unable to accommodate more traditional larger reactors.

Mike McGough, NuScale Power & Rebecca Smith-Kevern, Department of Energy  Darren Gale, B&W mPower & Mike McGough, NuScale Power

Rebecca Smith-Kevern
Director, Light Water Reactor Technologies
Department of Energy

Darren Gale
Vice President & Project Director
B&W mPower

Mike McGough
Chief Commercial Officer
NuScale Power

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