“Nuclear 101” Briefing

On July 17, 2012 the Foundation for Nuclear Studies hosted a “Nuclear 101” briefing for interns on Capitol Hill and in the DC area in order to provide them with background information on radiation, energy development, nuclear reactors and nonproliferation concerns.

Helen, Ralph Andersen and Craig Piercy


Ralph Andersen
Senior Director of Radiation Safety & Environmental Protection and Chief Health Physicist
Nuclear Energy Institute

Craig Piercy
Washington Representative
American Nuclear Society


Ralph Andersen slide show: Andersen_FNS_Nuclear_101_Presentation.pdf
Craig Piercy slide show: ANS_Piercy_FNS_Nuclear_101_Presentation.pdf

List of Helpful Links:
American Nuclear Society (ANS) Website
US Department of Energy (DOE) Website
US Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy Website
Health Physics Society Website
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Website
Radiation Answers (sponsored by the Health Physics Society)  Website
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements Website
Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Website
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Website
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Website
World Nuclear Association Website

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