The Decommissioning Process in Nuclear

On June 6, 2017, Foundation for Nuclear Studies held a lunch briefing about decommissioning nuclear energy facilities. The speaker, Mr. Wayne Norton of Connecticut Yankee, Maine Yankee & Yankee Atomic, provided detailed explanations on the intricacies of an operation. Mr. Norton highlighted the methods and steps required in order to successfully decommission a plant. From acquiring licenses to managing the site’s spent fuel, every move of the process was addressed. Mr. Norton delivered a comprehensive speech and a helpful presentation; concluding evidently that the sites of the former plants can be restored to an untainted and natural state. During the subsequent Q&A session, Mr. Norton and industry leaders satisfied the inquiries of the curious audience.

Mr. Wayne Norton
Chief Executive Officer
Connecticut Yankee, Maine Yankee & Yankee Atomic

6/6/17 FNS Briefing Decommissioning Sites

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