Versatile Test Reactor

On September 21, 2018 the Foundation for Nuclear Studies partnered with the Global America Business Institute (GABI) to host a luncheon briefing on the Versatile Test Reactor (VTR). In particular, the forum featured remarks from Dr. Kemal Pasamehmetoglu, Mr. Donald Wolf, and Mr. Irfan Ali.  Each panelist addressed the importance of establishing the VTR, primarily to research a wide range of new reactor designs, while also assuring a sustainable and long term advanced reactor industry. The VTR has recently received strong bi-partisan congressional support, and is targeted for availability by 2026. 

Dr. Kemal Pasamehmetoglu
Versatile Test Reactor Executive Director, Idaho National Laboratory

Mr. Donald Wolf
Founder & CEO, Advanced Reactor Concepts

Mr. Irfan Ali
Board Member, Advanced Reactor Concepts


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